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How SMEs Can Approach Digital Transformation

Joining the IoT revolution can be particularly daunting for small and medium-sized enterprises. Dr. Bettina Horster, Board Member, VIVAI Software AG & Director of IoT at eco, talked to dotmagazine about how SMEs can approach digital transformation and why they should do so.

Digital Transformation 2

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Dr. Bettina Horster is Head of Business Development at VIVAI Software AG and is responsible for the area IoT (Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, M2M), and Director of IoT in eco – Association of the Internet Industry. Since 2009 she has been involved with the Internet of Things and is a pioneer in the field. She is currently also project leader for the IoT- EU project “Smart Service Power – technikgestütztes, altersgerechtes Wohnen im Quartier” (for IoT-assisted aged care in the own home), and recently won the UN NGOs Diplomatic Council “Information Society Award”, and was finalist in the UN  “World Summit on the Information Society” prize.

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