March 2017 - Self-regulation | Notice & Takedown

Getting Illegal Content Offline Fast

Alexandra Koch-Skiba, Head of the eco Complaints Office, explains the global cooperation of complaints offices, police and the Internet industry in taking child sexual abuse material offline


Credit: © James Steidl |

For all the boundless potential and opportunities that the Internet offers, there is also the dark side to the web. Given the borderless nature of the Internet, cross-border, transnational cooperation is vital to keep user data secure, but also to keep users themselves safe. The ongoing fight against illegal content in the Internet requires just such cooperation between the public, content analysts, industry players like Internet service providers and content delivery networks, and law enforcement. While complaints hotlines around the world deal with a whole range of different types of illegal content, probably their most important, and most personally challenging work is dealing with images of child sexual abuse. dotmagazine spoke to Alexandra Koch-Skiba, Head of the eco Complaints Office, on her team’s valuable contribution to the fight against such material.

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