February 2017 - Cybersecurity | E-Health | IT Law | Networks

A Day in the Life of a Cyber Policeman

What gives cyber policemen sleepless nights? Dirk Kunze talks about serious cyber crime and seriously terrifying cyber crime

A day in a life ...

Source: Adobe Stock | Iakov Kalinin

Dirk Kunze, Cyber Crime Competence Center

A cyber policeman’s work is, as the old saying says, never done. From small-scale scams hitting private individuals to multi-million dollar fraud targeting companies, and on to cyber espionage and attacks against critical infrastructure like hospitals – the list of potential victims and attack vectors is growing constantly as our society becomes increasingly digitalized. And the borderless nature of the Internet causes further challenges for cyber policing, because victim and perpetrator can quite simply be worlds apart.

dotmagazine caught up with Dirk Kunze, Head of the Cyber Crime Competence Center for the State Police of North Rhine Westphalia, in Germany, to find out how his unit responds to critical incidents, what companies need to do to protect themselves better, and what keeps him awake at night.

Listen to the around 18-minute interview above, download it for later, or jump to the individual questions: