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Workforce Diversity Driving Company Performance, Innovation, and Profitability

What is the economic value of gender and racial diversity in tech companies? Elisabeth Kurek, Leader of the Gender Diversity & Equity Initiative in the i2Coalition, provides important insights for companies and HR managers into how diversity and a welcoming company climate can attract and retain top talent and increase performance.

Workforce diversity

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About the i2Coalition Gender Diversity and Equity Initiative 


Elisabeth Kurek, Co-chair, i2Coalition Gender Diversity & Equity Initiative

Darcy Southwell, Co-Chair, i2Coalition Gender Diversity & Equity Initiative

Email: contactgdei@i2coalition.com

Elisabeth is the founder and co-chair of the i2Coalition’s Gender Diversity and Equity Initiative – a working group that engages industry leaders to publicly discuss how diversity and equity improvements can be made in the technology industry. A cloud industry veteran of 12 years, Elisabeth has held roles at uberall, Virtuozzo, Odin, NTT, and 1&1. An American by birth, she now enjoys living and working in Berlin, Germany. Elisabeth holds a master’s degree in educational linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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