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GAIA-X: Growing a Vibrant European Ecosystem by Creating a Federated Data Infrastructure

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Gaia-X: towards a European data infrastructure

Gaia-X is the European data infrastructure project that aims to grow a sovereign and self-determined digital ecosystem in Europe. Find out the principles of the planned European digital infrastructure in the articles below and in events offered by eco – Association of the Internet Industry.

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Lauresha Memeti, GXFS Technical Project Manager, eco Association, on navigating the tech industry as a woman and the importance of strong female role models.

DE-CIX’s Alina Rubina outlines how Tellus is creating a more powerful network infrastructure for the Gaia-X data-infrastructure ecosystem.

eco’s Emma Wehrwein and Lauresha Memeti argue that the key to unlocking the power of digital ecosystems lies in building trust and collaboration; technically, legally, and socially.

Why initiatives like Gaia-X represent a new form of international technopolitics. Andreas Baur reveals how political concepts are embedded in technology.

Why the “old economy” is driving the digital transformation in the Old World, reveals Ernst Stöckl-Pukall, German Economics Ministry, in an interview with Andreas Weiss and Thomas Sprenger, GXFS-DE.

How artificial intelligence, data and Gaia-X are weeding, securing harvests and implementing the circular economy. Nils Klute reports.

Marispace-X is exploring the data spaces in our oceans. Jann Wendt talks to Andreas Weiss and Thomas Sprenger about the maritime data ecosystem.

Nils Klute from Eurocloud looks at how to develop digital added value via the cloud so that technology comes more naturally to SMEs.

Andreas Weiss and Thomas Sprenger analyze how Gaia-X next-generation cloud infrastructure could provide a sustainable boost to the data economy in Europe.

Gaia-X: A European Ecosystem for Creating Value from Data

Andreas Weiss from EuroCloud and writer Thomas Sprenger, on why no cloud platform is big enough to handle digitalisation in Europe alone.

Andreas Weiss from EuroCloud and writer Thomas Sprenger explain why data-based cooperation has so far failed, and how Gaia-X can alleviate the problem.

SCS – “Stacking sovereignty” for Gaia-X applications

Stephan Ilaender, CTO of plusserver, reports on how the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) supports the success of Gaia-X.

Gaia-X – A Matter of Trust

Creating value collaboratively and driving competition requires decentralized approaches and trust, maintains Nils Klute from EuroCloud.

Open, Standardized and Interoperable: How Gaia-X will Enable Competition and Boost the Economy

“If value creation migrates to software, the cloud becomes more important,” says Dr. Oliver Mauss from plusserver, in interview with Nils Klute from EuroCloud.

Connecting plants across the board to manufacture with greater resilience – Nils Klute from EuroCloud reports on how Gaia-X can harmonize Europe’s manufacturing networks.

Data as the Key to Connected Mobility

The Mobility Data Space, guided by the European cloud project Gaia-X, offers a foundation for furthering the digitalization of mobility, reports Tatjana Hein from the eco Association.

Companies and industries that depend on reliable digital trade routes should invest in their own and sovereign digital infrastructure, according to Harald A. Summa, CEO of eco and DE-CIX.

Gaia-X is bringing the dynamic cloud within reach – and may soon offer an exciting new future in cloud computing, reports Marcus Busch from Leaseweb Deutschland.

The financial industry is building a strong use case for the European data infrastructure project GAIA-X based on the benefits of digital ecosystems, comments Harald A. Summa from DE-CIX.

CEO of eco and DE-CIX, Harald A. Summa offers a vision of how we can work together with transparency, openness, and cooperation to create a digital future beneficial for everyone.

How do we make digitalization a driver of sustainability? Why are digital and sustainable transformation essential? And why does this require digital sovereignty? Nils Klute from EuroCloud reports on seeking the answers at the German Digital Summit 2020.

“Germany is in the early stages of cloud transformation,” says Dr. Martin Endress.“Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are continuing to run many applications from their own server rooms.” In an interview with eurocloud.de, the Chief Customer Officer of IONOS explains how GAIA-X can whet enterprises’ appetite for more.

To pave the way for a better understanding of public cloud potential, cloud natives need their own plaform, explain Dr. Nils Kaufmann and Thomas Noglik of EuroCloud.

Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX and eco, talks to dotmagazine about the proposed GAIA-X project for a European cloud infrastructure, and how to build your own Internet.

Andreas Weiss, Director of EuroCloud Deutschland e.V. and Head of the Digital Business Models division at eco, outlines how the new European data infrastructure project will enable innovation and give SMEs access to state-of-the-art digital infrastructure.

Thomas Niessen of the Trusted Cloud Competence Network and Andreas Weiss of the eco Association outline aspects being considered in the framework for assessment of GAIA-X providers.

Henrik Hasenkamp from gridscale, on the chances of success of GAIA-X, the cloud challenges for SMEs, and the future of cloud service provision.

Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange, speaks to Julia Janssen-Holldiek from the CSA about innovation, open source systems, and Hotel California.

Andreas Weiss, Director of EuroCloud Deutschland e.V. and Head of the Digital Business Models division at eco, introduces the new European data infrastructure project that aims to grow a sovereign and self-determined digital ecosystem in Europe.