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Digital Security, Trust & Consumer Protection – Call for Contributions

Digital Security, Trust & Consumer Protection – Call for Contributions-web

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New innovations are emerging daily in data-driven business and end-user applications, and there are heightened expectations of performance and resilience of connectivity. As such, key tasks of digital infrastructure providers include constantly pushing bandwidths to meet growing demand, to accelerate data transport, and to ensure the seamless and secure flow of data.

Data needs to get closer to the edge, but how far away is too far away? New technologies will support faster and more efficient handling of growing volumes of data. Together, this will generate the evolution of digital infrastructure for the Internet and economies of tomorrow.

For the dotmagazine issue on “Digital Security, Trust & Consumer Protection” in September/October 2024, we welcome articles from members, partners and customers of the eco Association/DE-CIX Group that showcase how to serve the data speeds of the digital society and digital economy of today and tomorrow.


Submission date for Part I: 28 August 2024 (to be published on 25 September)

Submission date for Part II: 2 October 2024 (to be published on 30 October)


Contributions can take the form of:

  • Opinion articles
  • “How-to” articles
  • Research-based articles
  • Business story articles on a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (see template)
  • Case studies (see template)
  • Interviews


Topic areas:

The next generation of digital infrastructure

  • Wireless connectivity: 5G, satellite connectivity, other wireless innovations
  • Innovations in fixed-line connectivity
  • Building bridges between networks, enterprises, and organizations

The Edge

  • Various solutions and technologies for serving data and content close to the user
  • Narrowing the digital divide – bringing digital infrastructure to far-flung regions

Use cases demanding low latency in fields such as:

  • Automotive & mobility
  • Finance
  • Critical processes
  • Gaming


  • Security by design, simplifying encryption

Data protection

  • Best practices for securing customers’ personal data
  • Approaches to dealing with multiple jurisdictions
  • Innovative technical solutions

Data mobility

  • Gaia-X
  • Cloud solutions
  • Open-source approaches
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in


  • Protecting consumers against fraud
  • Phishing, domain spoofing
  • Mitigating abuse

You have a related burning topic that doesn’t fit into the categories above? Talk to us! dotmagazine@eco.de

Please note: your contribution should not be too technical – the focus should be more on the strategic level.

  • For information on dotmagazine style requirements, please see the Guidelines and Legal Conditions for Contributors to dotmagazine. By submitting a contribution to dotmagazine, you agree to these guidelines and also provide us with the requested author and company form.
  • For the purposes of planning, please contact dotmagazine@eco.de before submitting a contribution.
  • Given that the goal of the eco Association – as publisher of dotmagazine – is the responsible shaping of the Internet, promoting diversity is in our deepest interest. To boost the profile of women in the Internet industry, we are particularly keen to have the voices of women heard in our industry insights. We therefore especially welcome articles, quotes, and case studies which are (co-)written by, feature, or quote Women in Tech.
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