Building Trust in the Digital World – Call for Contributions

Call for contributions from eco member companies and specialists on trust in digital services and taking responsibility for ethical digitalization.

Building Trust in the Digital World – Call for Contributions

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Digital services and technologies are increasingly helping to tackle pressing societal challenges and to build the digital society that we’d like to live in. At the same time, digitalization can admittedly also bring downsides. It isn’t always enough to be well-intentioned: for example, operators of networks, DNS infrastructure, hosting environments, mailboxes, and media platforms can be abused for nefarious purposes. There are also regular fears concerning issues such as data privacy, mental health, skills for the future, and the impact on various members of society. We therefore need to work together as an industry to achieve trustworthy systems. The purpose of this issue is to bring together stories of the colorful world of building trust and mitigating threats and abuse.

For the dotmagazine issue on “Building Trust in the Digital World” in May/June 2024, we welcome articles from members, partners, and customers of the eco Association/DE-CIX Group that showcase how the digital society and digital economy of today and tomorrow can be protected so that it can thrive.


Submissions date for Part 1: 24 April 2024 (to be published on 22 May)

Submissions date for Part 2: 29 May 2024 (to be published on 26 June)


Contributions can take the form of:

  • Opinion articles
  • “How-to” articles
  • Research-based articles
  • Business story articles on a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (see template)
  • Case studies (see template)
  • Interviews


Topic areas

Dealing with abusive content / Mitigating DNS abuse, e.g.

  • How to detect, monitor and fight abusive behavior online
  • Preventing DDoS and other network abuse
  • First lines of defense at the technical level: Filters, Allow-/Blocklists, DKIM, SPF, DNSSEC, etc. How do they work?
  • How to improve brand protection & handle copyright infringements
  • Take-down vs. Blocking
  • Defining legality & prosecuting in a global Internet with local & regional jurisdictions

Email trust & challenges, e.g.

  • Email as a digital identifier
  • Email security
  • Digital responsibility in email marketing
  • Immunizing email marketing against brand impersonation
  • Data protection

Standardization & quality assurance, e.g.

  • AI, IoT, Smart X, Connected Car, etc. – Developing safe, ethical & transparent services
  • Security, encryption & authentication – Keeping digital services safe
  • Certifications for trusted digital services

Secure, reliable & resilient digital infrastructure, e.g.

  • Providing a safe environment for users and data
  • Ensuring data availability
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Redundancy and resilient connectivity

Self-regulation of the Internet industry, e.g.

  • Hotlines / Complaints Offices
  • Hate Speech, CSAM – what options do networks have for dealing with undesirable content?

Intertwining digitalization and sustainability, e.g.

·        International cooperation

·        Sustainable digitalitalization

·        Sustainable digital infrastructures

·        Sustainable health and social inclusion

Diversity & Women in Tech, , e.g.

·        An equitable digital economy

·        Trust-oriented workplace culture


You have a related burning topic that doesn’t fit into the categories above? Talk to us!

Please note: your contribution should not be too technical – the focus should be more on the strategic level.

  • For information on dotmagazine style requirements, please see the Guidelines and Legal Conditions for Contributors to dotmagazine. By submitting a contribution to dotmagazine, you agree to these guidelines and also provide us with the requested author and company form.
  • For the purposes of planning, please contact before submitting a contribution.
  • Given that the goal of the eco Association – as publisher of dotmagazine – is the responsible shaping of the Internet, promoting diversity is in our deepest interest. To boost the profile of women in the Internet industry, we are particularly keen to have the voices of women heard in our industry insights. We therefore especially welcome articles, quotes, and case studies which are (co-)written by, feature, or quote Women in Tech.
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