May 2017 - Economic Impact of Connectivity | Digital Transformation | Broadband Expansion

Information and Energy: The Ultimate Paradigm for Growth of the Digital Economy

How can we build the digital society of the future? How does connectivity influence economic growth and the employment market? And what investments need to be made today to enable the transformation of tomorrow’s business world? Internet industry specialist and strategy and management consultant Gerd Simon talks to dotmagazine about the economic impact of connectivity, getting the next billion online, and the road to digital transformation.

Smart City

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Gerd Simon has worked for over a decade as a freelance Strategy and Management Consultant, and is based in Bad Homburg, Germany. Through his consulting activities he has helped a range of firms in the Internet industry to increase their enterprise value. His current focuses are Cloud Strategies & Infrastructure, M&A and Strategic Program Management for digital transformation. Gerd Simon is also a Senior Analyst for Crisp Research.

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