December 2023 - Connectivity

Transforming Global Connectivity: Neterra’s Commitment to the Open API Manifesto

Svetoslava Bancheva, Neterra, reports on how the telecommunications provider is using TM Forum's Open APIs to help unify the industry, break down barriers, and enhance customer experiences worldwide.

Transforming Global Connectivity: Neterra’s Commitment to the Open API Manifesto-web

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Neterra, a pioneering global telecommunications provider, has recently embarked on a transformative journey by aligning with the Open API Manifesto. This is a groundbreaking initiative of TM Forum, an alliance of 800+ global companies working together to break down technology and cultural barriers between digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies, and systems integrators. The TM Forum Open APIs are a suite of application programming interfaces that enable services to be managed end-to-end throughout their lifecycle.

Endorsing TM Forum Open APIs as a fundamental element of Neterra’s IT architecture and strategy testifies to the goodwill of the company to achieve operational compatibility with high-tech operators worldwide. The company’s core objective is clear: to simplify operations, create more profitable solutions, and ensure ease in implementation, integration, and upgrades.

The telecommunications provider recently completed TM Forum’s exhaustive training program. It covers the essential elements of the Open API Manifesto, encapsulating Open Digital Architecture (ODA), open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Information Framework. 

Unifying Telecommunications through Open APIs

The vision driving the Open API Manifesto is ambitious yet fundamental: to unify telecommunications companies globally and standardize APIs. This unification aims to dismantle existing barriers that hinder cooperation between industries, regions, and cultures within the digital infrastructure sector.

The impact of the Open API Manifesto reverberates across industries. Its introduction ushers in an era of unprecedented flexibility for businesses, offering not just operational efficiency but also an unparalleled customer experience.

TM Forum’s open APIs have swiftly gained prominence as the gold standard for operational compatibility. Boasting nearly 40,000 software developers from over 2,500 organizations and over 640,000 package downloads, these APIs have become the cornerstone of technological collaboration.

Over 70+ REST-based, event-driven, and Domain Specific Open APIs have been collaboratively developed by TM Forum members working within the Open API project. This team creates a full set of Open API assets for members to implement Open APIs - from guidelines (REST API Design Guidelines), to specification, to usable code, through to the compliance test kits.

Embracing Global Significance

Neterra is one of the growing number of signatories of the Open API Manifesto.  By joining this groundbreaking initiative, Neterra stands shoulder to shoulder with over 180 leading global telecommunications service providers and an extensive network of technology ecosystem participants. TM Forum, with over 800 global companies in its alliance, remains dedicated to eradicating technological and cultural barriers among digital, technology, and telecom solution providers.


Svetoslava Bancheva, PR and Digital Communications Manager at Neterra, is a seasoned content creator with a career spanning journalism, editing, and public relations. Her background includes writing and publishing diverse content, including news, articles, reports, interviews, press releases, and website content. Neterra is an independent global telecommunications provider, recognized for excellence as the “Best Central & Eastern European Carrier 2023” at the Capacity Global Carrier Awards. Operating across 220 locations in more than 65 countries, Neterra specializes in international connectivity, network management services, and top-notch security.

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