January 2023

Editorial Calendar 2023

Topics and deadlines for contributing to dotmagazine in 2023

Editorial Calendar 2022 - LK

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dotmagazine welcomes articles from members, partners and customers of the eco Association/DE-CIX Group that highlight the important positive impact of digitalization, and offer information and advice on participating successfully in the digital economy.

Topics for the first issues of 2023 are set out below. As soon as we publish the call for contributions for each respective topic, you will find this call linked to the related heading. Members, partners and customers of the eco Association/DE-CIX Group are welcome to contact dotmagazine at any stage to express their interest in contributing to forthcoming issues.

Overall topic (click on link to go to Call for Contributions)

To be published in:

Deadline for Submissions:


Edition 9: 25 Oct 2023

27 Sep 2023


Edition 10: 22 Nov 2023

Edition 11: 13 Dec 2023

25 Oct 2023

15 Nov 2023


Previous Call for Contributions

Published in:

Edition 1: 25 Jan 2023

Edition 2: 22 Feb 2023

Edition 3: 29 Mar 2023

Edition 4: 26 Apr 2023

Edition 5: 24 May 2023

Edition 6: 21 June 2023

Edition 7: 30 Aug 2023

Buidling Trust & Mitigation Abuse

Edition 8: 27 Sep 2023


Contributions can take the form of:

  • Articles offering advice or tips & tricks
  • Case studies (link to template)
  • Interviews

How to submit a contribution

  • Given that the goal of the eco Association – as publisher of dotmagazine – is the responsible shaping of the Internet, promoting diversity is in our deepest interest. To boost the profile of women in the Internet industry, we are particularly keen to have the voices of women heard in our industry insights. We therefore especially welcome articles, quotes, and case studies which are (co-)written by, feature or quote Women in Tech.
  • For information on dotmagazine style requirements, please see the eco Guidelines for Contributors. By submitting a contribution to dotmagazine, you agree to these guidelines.
  • For the purposes of planning, please contact dotmagazine@eco.de before submitting a contribution.
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